Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vanity publishing

The Good Library Blog has a curious approach to the blog medium. You can search slabs of text for hours for a hyperlink, whether to evidence (hard, isn't it to use the word evidence anywhere near the GLB?) of an assertion or to an organisation Tim is praising or, more likely, disparaging for having failed to recognise his god-like genius. There's no comments feed and you could grow a beard waiting for comments to be approved. Maybe the blogging platform offered by his hosts, that household name in British, sorry US, publishing, the Berkshire Publishing Group (pronounced, no doubt, incorrectly, as the Americans will insist on doing) doesn't do such fripperies.

Odd, too, is his tendency to take a comment on one post and turn it into a whole new post, often without attribution. It's as if the Daily Telegraph were to make up the front page of today's edition using the content from the letters page of the day before. Stranger even than this is the latest effort. Almost all the post is taken, with no attribution, from a report of a Picklesian (Pickled?) rant about the 'back-office' from the report in the Kilburn Times, apart from a couple of lines at the end.

Talk to a librarian, Tim. They could tell you something about the ethics of blogging, about the importance of acknowledging one's sources, and about intellectual property. And save posts like this for the (s)crapbook.

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