Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sheffield revisited

Remember the Sheffield debate, organised by SINTO? Our Tim, as we feel we must call him, now we know of his Yorkshire roots, was to appear on a panel with library campaigners to discuss the way forward.
It never happened. All the speakers, we were told, Tim included, agreed that it was not the right time for such a debate.
Now he says it was the others who withdrew, in fear. Not what was said at the time. We think that Tim might now have cause to feel a little, if not scared, at least apprehensive, of what will happen when this news gets out.
In case you'd forgotten, he's a great man for what he calls his reputation.


  1. Now in the latest comment it's all starting to reveal itself - chief librarians are all communists! So that's why libraries are closing. Not because of government cuts, not because we want to provide a cost effective service but because it's all a commie plot. I did always wonder why we sang the Internationale at the SCL conference! To the barricades.......

  2. Gosh. Has he been possessed by the spirit of the late Dowager Lady Birdwood, do you think?
    Note for younger readers, the DLB was a daft old fascist bat, who was, among other things, general-secretary of the British chapter of the World Anti-Communist League.

  3. Though a scarier possibility presents itself: suppose this Mccarthyism sixty years après la lettre is not the result of spirit possession, but is in fact a long-held belief of Tim's. How crazy, and indeed dangerous, does that make him?