Monday, November 22, 2010

Memento Mori

'The librarian is not simply a checkout clerk whose simple task could be done by anyone and need not be paid for'; thus Philip Pullman quoted in this morning's Gaurdian. But what looked like being a good day for library campaigners  has been a little spolied by Tim's latest post on the MLA's Ipsos Mori poll, which he only seems to have read by way of the Bookseller's summary .

Here at Coates Watch we think this poll is rather like the bible: one can find something in it to support more or less anything. Tim reads it as being a vindication of his books-only monoculture. But others, with just as much justification, will be able to read it as support for the breadth of provision of services to many different readers.

We suggest you read it yourself and make up your own minds. It can be found at the snappily named URL

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