Wednesday, November 17, 2010

London, Gloucester and points west

Interesting times for our hero: the Independent's Boyd Tonkin takes up (or does he, read closely) Tim's idea that Boris should take over London's libraries. Hmmm....if he runs them the way he's run the police (the death of Ian Tomlinson, the manpower cuts, and so on) we're not sure that is a terribly bright idea. Is it better to have our libraries closed by one authority or by thirty-two?

We know, and have seen in our comments, (which we don't edit, censor or leave waiting for approval for days, unlike certain library blogs we could mention), people who seem to think that Tim's on the side of libraries. . Observe the Gloucestershire campaign. Tim parachutes himself in, looking, we suspect, for a consultancy. The campaigners, who seem to have had some disappointing encounters with Tim before, give him the bum's rush.

We wonder what view Tim takes of privatisation? This question, we at CoatesWatch believe, will become the touchstone.


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  1. God bless the sensible Gloucestershire folk. Of course working together with library professionals is the key, both parties have the interests of the services at heart.