Friday, August 9, 2013

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

The tone of comments over on Tim's blog (which he said he'd stopped) is becoming increasingly like one of the more acrimonious discussions on the Guardian's Comment is Free. Every so often someone says something sensible, only to be drowned out by hysterical assertions from Tim and his chum James Christie. The latter, though glorying in his non-membership of the organisation, is demanding face-to-face meetings with CILIP's Chief Executive, Annie Mauger, and now a personal invitation to the AGM of an organisation from which he resigned. 

We don't have a great deal of time for CILIP, but we hope they send James and Tim away with many fleas in their ears.

Follow the whole sorry business with the first post and comments, There are still taxpayers paying for the library profession - that needs to be stopped, in which Tim raises that old canard and fails to support it with any real examples, and here, the second, A message to CILIP management -- from a librarian - give me my money back

We expect this to run and run.

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