Thursday, April 14, 2011

Farewell to Jolly Jack Tar

Tim's old chum Roy Clare is off to New Zealand. Poor Kiwis, first the Christchurch earthquake, now this.

A little bird has forwarded us an e-mail Tim sent to the great and good, seventy-three of them, no less, in which, fighting back his tears, he demands that Roy be refused leave to travel until a parliamentary inquiry takes place into the MLA and the DCMS.

Tim has an uncanny instinct for aiming at the wrong target. What do library campaigners want from Parliament? A moratorium on cuts and closures? Teeth for the Public Libraries and Museums Act? Hunt and Vaizey called to account? According to Tim, none of the above, we want inquiries into an MLA press release. Of course we do. In pubs up and down the country, we speak of little else.

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