Sunday, February 13, 2011

By their friends shall ye know them

We were moved, following some of yesterday's discussions, to investigate the murky world of our man's Twitter accounts. There are two, for some reason:  @GoodLibraryBlog, which first tweeted on 15th October (remember that, the day the great Library Alliance, that has played such a prominent part in recent campaigns was launched) and has managed a total of three tweets in four months,  and @GoodLibraries, first tweeted on 8th February, racing ahead with four lifetime tweets.















This is who @GoodLibraryBlog has chosen to follow. From the screenshot below, you will see that Ed Vaizey seems not to have realised he's in government yet (we knew Tories can be slow on the uptake but really) and that he also follows Richard D North, the neo-con who made such an ass of himself on You and Yours. When one follows so few people, it has to be read as a declaration of one's sympathies.




  1. You didn't report the blog of the 11th:

    Coates gives details of 2 solicitors who are actually handling (pro bono) legal cases for library campaigns. This is vital information for library campaigners - you are a fake CoatesWatch, you are plotting the closure of all the libraries, not campaigning for them.

  2. Blog owner, you do misunderstand so often, whether intentionally or not.
    We saw this post. If you want a comment, we think it is unlikely to be successful. We also wonder if it was wise to make it public at this moment.
    As to who's a real campaigner, we got stuck in. Where were you on 5th?

  3. Blogowner, I think you'll find that the councils in question will have their own lawyers and will have looked at what happened in the Wirral and won't get caught out. Regrettable, but people who are public servants are not always stupid, no matter what some bookshop managers might think,