Thursday, January 27, 2011

From campaigner to expert

We thought it had been too quiet. In yesterday's This is Somerset we learn that an 'internationally recognised library expert' will be visiting the county tomorrow. Guess who?
Tim used to call himself a campaigner. When and why did he change to being an expert?


  1. EyeAmAZiderCrinkerJanuary 27, 2011 at 9:31 PM

    That fine old West Country hero, Bristol City afficiando (grandson of Billy), the Oldest Swinger in Town, the late and much lamented Fred Wedlock, used to describe experts thus.

    "Expert comes from two ancient Greek words. 'Ex' meaning 'has been' and 'spurt' which means 'drip under pressure'."

  2. Ah, Fred Wedlock. A long time since we last danced to his dithyrambs.
    Sound man. And quite right on this subject too

  3. "One figure has flourished as the modernising four-star general in this fight. Tim Coates, former Waterstone's chief and now consultant on public-library policy, remains the key strategist to watch. Today, in the wake of local unrest, he will address Somerset county councillors. His advice on how libraries can do more, do it better, and still save money deserves keen scrutiny. For it seems to work." Independent.

  4. Four-star general? Strategist?
    Some mistake surely?

  5. "It seems to work".


    What was his input?