Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tim and Jim

We saw this the other day, a fan site where people, predominately women, gather to debate the oddly compelling charm of Julian Assange, he of Wikileaks fame:

Some critics think we're too negative about Tim. Snide is a word we've heard. Our shoulders are broad, but if he's so great, there's nothing stopping you building We've checked. It's free.



  1. You really have reached a low with this one, must have been "a no news day". Get a life!

  2. Thanks, BB. We have several lives, actually. How about you?

  3. Well it made me laugh!! The thing with this blog is that it enables those who are normally unable to say what they really think to let rip. We can't react publicly to all the insults and slurs on public servants. Long may it continue!!

  4. Bazwinder PalatialJanuary 3, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    Indeed, the Good Library Blog contains numerous attacks on the integrity and decency of public servants, and these public servants have absolutely no opportunity to reply. Sometimes they are singled out individually (if not personally) and they have no real right to reply or to put an alternative case.

    And yet it is the authors of this blog who are accused of bullying! That charge should be levelled elsewhere.

  5. Thanks, Fred and Bazwinder. Much as we resist the idea that we have any higher purpose, you have articulated why we exist far better than we could.
    But have you noticed, the GLB has gone awfully quiet, with no posts since 'how Václav Havel and I brought down communism' on 14 December. Is all well, do you think? Is he on an extended Christmas port-binge? Or, now the fight for public libraries has got going, is he finding the pace too much?