Monday, October 4, 2010

Technical problems: the technical is political

Our hero is having technical problems. "Apologies to a number of people who have commented in the past few days. For some technical reason although the comments are there and ready, they are not appearing on the blog page. I'm sure this will be corrected as soon as possible".

This comes right above a discussion on privatising libraries in Suffolk in which Perkins (Mr Coates's feline alter-ego) and someone called Andy (Coulson?) wax lyrical about the liberating and lucrative possibilities of privatised libraries: 'Yes. This is really exciting,' comments "Andy", making obeisance before the effigy of Margaret Thatcher in his bedroom.
Interesting, too, that Coates's blog is out-sourced, being run for him by Berkshire Publishing; does this account for the technical problems? Who they, you may ask? It's unclear, except that they have nothing to do with the Royal County, being based in the USA. Have you heard of their Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History? No, neither have we.

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