Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No false modesty

I wonder if the Association of Independent Libraries know what they have let themselves in for. Coates Watch was alarmed to see that they've invited TC to address their annual conference on the theme of Libraries in a Digital Age. Not one of TC's strengths, one would have thought, and a curious choice of audience for him, since AIL are all private subscription libraries.
His bio (self-penned?) for the programme eschews understatement:
Tim Coates is an author and was head of Waterstone's bookshops in its early years. For the last decade he has become widely known for his pursuit of the improvement of the public library service. For his address to the conference on libraries in the digital age Tim has indicated his intention to use this opportunity to make a major statement on the state of libraries in England and what needs to be done for them to survive and fill a role for future generations.
A major statement, eh? Coates Watch can't wait.

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